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Anomal - Audience Reviews
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Seeing is Believing!
January 5, 2006

Reviewer: brinksquad
I attended the preview night of the Jan. 3rd performance. I was quite amazed with Mr. Segev's unique talent. I was even more amazed with his life story, and how he went from being the "weird" one in school to becoming "The Mentalizer." Segev is an amazing story teller, portraying many characters, from his cynical father to the old gypsy who sold him his first set of tarot cards. His skills are wonderful, picking cards held by audience members simply by looking into their eyes, to bending spoons in the hands of another lucky audience member. One of the most amazing feats beside the spoon bending was his ability to predict the future and he proved it by a having an audience member read a sealed letter with bits of information given by the audience just moments before. Mr. Segev is world-renown and this intimate performance of his life and skills just proves it. "Why would anyone see a play titled "Anomal", as Segev asks during the play. Indeed, the name is peculiar, just as the man performing it. Segev is a great actor, comedian, and even better magician, who puts his work right in your face. I was amazed from my front row seat what this man was capable of. I am looking forward to attending another performance. However, you should run, don't walk in order to check him out as his performances are playing for a limited time.

So What Did I think of ANOMAL?!?
January 6, 2006

: yvette777nyc
This one man show by Ehud Segev was entertaining and presented in a unique way. The set was simple but Ehud keeps his audience in suspense by not letting them guess when the actual show is starting. He talks about his life growing up as a boy who can read minds with many comical interludes. As he takes you through the places he has lived, he throws in splashes of magic and mind reading performances. It makes you wonder what his mind is capable of doing! He gives a whole new meaning to the "bent spoon" and "revolving credit."
Ehud Segev is an attractive entertainer from Israel that performs a great show. He delivers great comedy throughout the performance that is all clean but really funny. Even Paris Hilton got a half a minutes worth of a laugh in the show.
Without giving up all of the nuances of the show, I just want to say that you end up feeling good when you leave the theatre and go back to your day to day living but with extra loose change in your pocket. My daughter Juliet, 7, who by luck got to see the show gave it a high five and requested to see it again. I told her if the writer/producer Ehud Segev could make some tickets appear in our email for the show, we would see it again! You never know he has amazing mental abilities! I'll just have to keep checking my inbo x!

WOW- "Anomal" is great!
January 4 , 2006
: dscardoso
The Mentalizer, Ehud Segev, does an amazing performance and something completely different. The show has some of Ehud's regular repertoire along with some serious monologues about his life experiences. This awe stunning show will amaze you again and again. It's a great family show and I highly recommend that you come see Ehud's wonderful perform ance.

Broadway acting, comedy & mental powers
January 6, 2006

Reviewer: akh227
I went to the Jan. 5 show and I am very pleased that I went. I enjoyed the show enormously and was stunned with all of Ehud Segev's display of mental powers. I guess I can describe his show as a combination of theatre, biography, comedy, and audience-interactive magic/illusion. It's original, interesting, fun, well-thought out, impressive and full of ‘supernatural' artistic creativity. The poster picture of the show and its title fooled me into thinking that it was a traditional magician's show, but it's not. They do not make full justice to his unique type of play.
I enjoyed most the final part in which Ehud Segev deceived the audience by hesitating, questioning the answers they gave him, making us think that his powers were not as such, but in the end it turned out that he already foresaw the future and wrote it beforehand in a piece of paper. That was magnificent and left a great impression at the conclusion of the show for people to continue talking about it after they left the theater, and to recall it to their friends for weeks to come.
I am so glad I went to 'Anomal' and now that I am recalling it for this review I am having a great time. I just keep wondering how he did all those things but I guess that's the best top-of-mind marketing any show could wish for. I will definitely tell as many people as I can and will encourage them to go see his show. I wish him much luck and success as he deserves it because of his abilities and ha rd work.

Something for everyone
January 8, 2006

Reviewer: karen95
Anomal has something for everyone!!
For those wanting to be entertained by spoon-bending, mind-reading - see the show!
For those interested in learning more about connection to a spiritual plane and the interconnectedness of all - Ehud shares this in his story as well as with audience members.
I highly recommend this sh ow to all!!

Highly Entertaining Show!
January 5, 2006
Reviewer: tinka22
This was a great show and a made for a very memorable evening!
What can I say? I am guilty of being overly analytical and highly skeptical. I am still not sure what to make of what I saw in the show, and I guess that's what makes it all the more fascinating. It has already provided hours of entertainment, as my friend and I have tried to rationalize what we saw with solutions that might explain what seemed unexplainable. But, I am still not sure what to think exactly and I have come up with nothing to explain a bending spoon.
In either case, this show was fantastic, and the mix of personal stories and skills was excellent. I highly recommend it! The 1 hr and 40 minutes flew by, and I was hoping the final piece might be to slow down time so we could stay a li ttle longer.

Magnificent mess... wonderful!
January 6, 2006

Reviewer: milkeystar
I love reviewing the shows I go to, especially the ones that offer something else (like blue men group and also Segev's old show in Theater Row) but this new production is so cool especially because of the fact he changed the way we watch theater. It's not a play and it's not an act. It's a COMBO. Not only he performs his charming abilities on stage, he takes us behind the scenes with him to his dressing-room and if that's not enough he starts the show with an anchor (the end of his show) and finishes it with the beginning! As messy as a genius can get!!! I highly recommend this production and I think it's a beautiful way to combine the different aspects of the performing arts.

The impossible made POSSIBLE!!!
January 9, 2006
Reviewer: mauricenyc
I received tickets to go see Anomal and to be honest I was quite skeptical. I read reviews and previewed the trailer and it seemed like another "Magic Show". When the day came and the show started I did not blink and was truly amazed at Ehud's talent. It was the best show I have seen of it's kind in a long time. If you are a true believer in the word impossible this show is for you. This show brings a whole new meaning to th e word INCREDIBLE!!!

Pamela's Town RE: ANOMAL
January 9, 2006

Reviewer: pdiamondring
Several days ago I caught a matinee of Ehud Segev in ANOMAL. It is a first hand experience of the power of the mind and telekinesis, and one that is extraordinarily powerful! I personally have always known that energy is an ENTITY, a very powerful one, and that a thought is a THING, as I am quite psychic! But Ehud Segev's ability to move energy from the mind to make objects fly in space or bend, is phenomenal. It left me with a question, as well! Is group telekinesis possible? And, has it ever been tried? Go see the show. It will blow you away!
Pamela Diamond (01/09/06)

As b i g as...
January 8, 2006

Reviewer: klaudiagi
In New York everything is big: buildings, streets, people, dreams,(prices) and "Anomal". And – of course- Ehud Segev.
If you think that 90 min is not enough to show people how unusual they are and what they can do with their lives – think again. Or just watch the "Anomal" and convince yourself how spiritual and unique you and your live is because of the world and people who influence at you since you were born. And if you know how to learn from them and you are strong in your belives – you are as big as Ehud is (and funny, smart, good looking…)
“Ano mal” – must see it!!!

Fabulous, intriguing , funny!!!
January 8, 2006

Reviewer: gottriplets
I absolutely LOVED the show!!! It was FABULOUS!!! Anomal was engaging,funny, astounding, and thoughtful...very entertaining! Ehud is remarkable...what a creative way to present such an intriguing topic! My family and I talked about it all night. And we're still talking about it with others! Best of luck with the succe ss of the show! Marcy V.



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